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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Last weekend Matt and I traveled back to Manhattan, KS for K-State's graduation. On Friday, I was able to reconnect with some good friends who live in the area. I spent almost all day just sitting and chatting with people. Food was of course involved! (Chipotle is totally worth the heartburn it gives me) I love being able to hear and share what's going in each other's lives.

From there on the weekend was packed full of graduation events and parties. I can only imagine the number of names I listened to while attending the College of Agriculture and Engineering commencements. We reconnected with our roots down in Aggieville where we celebrated with both of our siblings. We stopped by our favorite bar, chatted with our 3rd roommate (Josh), and realized how much we miss GOOD country music and the dance floor.

On the drive home, I was doing quite a bit of thinking. Yes, the town is still called Manhattan, but lots has changed.... new stores, new restaurants, new bars, ect... The area around the Vet school is being transformed into NBAF (National Bio and Agri-Defense Facility). And I'm sorry to announce that Gumby's no longer exists. RIP Pokey Sticks. But what I came to realize, is that it's not the restaurants, bars, stores, or the classrooms that make a place special. It's the PEOPLE you experienced it all with.


ksuJennyP said...

Yep, anywhere you are, it's all about the people that you're surrounded by :)

Anonymous said...

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